What does Business For Hope provide?

Business For Hope covers fees associated with World Advisory’s Basic Service Package, which is offered at $99/Month. This allows each Client to receive guidance and assistance on an ongoing basis. They will be able to work with their Business Consultant for up to 1 Hour/Week.


How is Business For Hope funded?

Business For Hope is funded through World Advisory and generous Sponsors that have donated through our GoFundMe Campaign. Once we receive our non-profit certification, we will be able to accept donations directly from individuals and organizations.


What is a Sponsor of Business For Hope?

Sponsors of Business For Hope are generous individuals and organizations that have financially contributed to our program to cover fees associated with consulting services received by our Clients. You can learn more through our Sponsorship Page.


How Can I Donate Business For Hope?

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor of Business For Hope, you can donate through our GoFundMe Campaign. Business For Hope does not currently accept donations directly from individuals or organizations.


Is Business For Hope a 501(c)3 non-profit organization?

No, we are currently undergoing the certification process and hope to obtain non-profit status as soon as possible. Until then, Business For Hope does not accept donations directly.


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